Saturday, January 1, 2011

Easy Quesadillas

This recipe is just something I came up with when I in the mood for Quesadillas.

The recipe is so easy and you can just change it up so many ways.


Chicken, steak or whatever type of meat you would like

Toppings-Red pepper, green peppers, green onions, regular white onions, sour cream, lettuce, cheese.. etc. Be creative..

lots of cheese-I used Mild cheddar but you can use whatever cheese you want.

Tortilla shells


Refried Beans (optional) but I used!

Make It

1. I cut up chicken into strips and seasoned them with Chicken seasoning from grill mates. I cooked the chicken until the insides were no longer pink. Huge deal you do not want the insides of the chicken to be pink at all. You want the chicken to be white.

2. Set the chicken aside on a plate. Chop all your sides up. I chopped up green onion, lettuce, & grated cheese.

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3. Get your chicken and shred it. I just tore the chicken apart with my fingers.

4. Melt a half a cup of butter for 15 to 20 seconds. Maybe more butter if you need it.

5. Heat up your pan and brush the butter on one side and lay the tortilla down. Spread refried beans (optional) down and then top with cheese chicken and whatever you want in there. Cook for 2 or 3 mins or until cheese is melted. Then Brush the butter on the other tortilla shell and lay on top butter side up on top of the one cooking.

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6. Flip carefully and fast and let cook for another 2 or 3 mins. The butter helps them cook and turn golden brown.

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7. Top with whatever you want and eat yummy!

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