Friday, November 30, 2012

Fantastic Discovery

My husband and I decided to take a day to our selves and go out and shop around town. Belgium has unique things. I really wanted to go to the art store here and find some paint. I really want to make these hand ornaments out of the salted flour dough and paint them as Santa Claus. The post on Pinterest is super cute so I am going to give a go and I will blog about the results when I get them done.

So we got paint and paint brushes. We went to the mall and picked up Christmas presents for family and friends. Then we went looking for a stocking for a stocking exchange I am doing and I was surprised to realize the Belgians don't fill stockings. I wonder if it's an American thing. I did find my amazing new Christmas table cloth and runner and then my husband found this sugar. It's not just any sugar it's FLAVORED sugar. I got the Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, and Chocolate. I thought about doing a give away since this is so awesome. If I get enough interest I might do it.



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