Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taco Soup

So I have seen this recipe floating around in a few places. I finally found a picture on Pinterest (yes I am an addict) and I decided that I was going to make it. The recipe is very straight forward, super simple to make, and takes no time. Those are the kind of dinners I like when I am super busy. I am not a left over kind of person unless it's lasagna because that is always better the next day for whatever reason but this is something I had again and could eat for lunch and or dinner. It just was seriously that good. I am not the best food photographer out there and this picture does not do this recipe justice but try it you will love it! My husband who is not a soup person really loved this so that is saying something. This recipe is meant to be a crockpot recipe but I didn't want to have it cook for 6 to 8 hours so I used my Le Creuset French Oven and browned the meat& onions in that, then drained the meat, then returned meat back to the pan and then continued on from there making it truly a one pan dish. Photobucket  
1 pound ground beef
1 small onion (or half of a large onion), diced
3 tbl spoons of Worcestershire (or as much as desired)
1 can beef broth
1 can Rotel mild diced tomatoes and green chiles, undrained
1 can pinto beans, undrained
1 can kernel corn, undrained
1 packet taco seasoning
1 packet dry ranch dressing mix
1 cup water

1. In a pan brown ground beef, onion, and worcestershire sauce. Drain meat and return to pan if using a pot or a dutch oven or place in crock pot.

2. Add Rotel, beef broth, corn, & pinto beans to pan or crock pot.

3. Fill 1 cup of water and pour into pan or crockpot.

 4. Stir in packets of ranch & taco seasoning.

5. If using a Dutch oven (or whatever pot) cook for 1 hour.

6. If using a crock pot cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.

 I served ours with shredded cheese, tortilla chips, & sourcream but you can use whatever toppings you would like to in yours.


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