Monday, March 21, 2011

Home made Vanilla Frosting

So My son's 5th birthday party is on Saturday and I wanted to practice making cup cakes for his party. So I decided why not. I have seen this recipe in a couple of places so I decided to give it a go. Let it be known I am not in any way a frosting person. In face I scrape all my frosting off a piece of cake or cupcake and just eat the cake part but with this frosting I did not. It was great! I highly recommend it. You can add whatever kind of flavoring or extract you want as well so that makes it so handy to have.

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3 T Flour
1/2 C milk
1/2 C real butter
1/2 C granulated sugar
1 t vanilla extract, or other flavor if you wish.

Whisk together the milk and flour in a small saucepan over medium heat. Keep whisking until it starts to thicken. Keep cooking until it looks like pudding.

After it looks like pudding take it off the burner. I put mine in a bowl and stuck it in the freezer for 20 or so minutes until it was completely cool. You can also stick it in the fridge for a little while. It needs to cool completely though.

In a stand mixer & the whisk attachment, cream together butter & sugar for a few minutes it should be mixed together and fluffy. Add the milk mixture and whatever flavoring you want. You want to mix this on the highest setting you can without spraying the mixture everywhere for about 7 or 8 minutes maybe longer. It should come out smooth and fluffy. One batch should cover about 12 cupcakes so I double this recipe all the time.

You don't want to store these in the fridge when cupcakes are frosted. Store them at room temperature covered. Good luck!


  1. Wow - looks REALLY good!! I'm pretty sure my guys think that cupcakes are just a delivery system for frosting anyway! LOL

  2. Thank you Brandie! The icing was really good. It was light and not greasy tasting like stuff from a bakery might be. I really liked how light it tasted.

  3. Awesome, thank you for sharing.

  4. uh, that looks yummy!
    & I like how light the frosting is like you said.