Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Long time no update

So I have seriously been slacking on updating my blog.

Things got busy with trying to leave Belgium and head back to the states. Jason got orders to Pope AFB or Army Air Field as it is now known. We got back to the states in April of 2013 and we were in the process of having the house built and my grandpa died shortly after getting back to the states and I couldn't attend the funeral so I had emotional stuff to work through.

The Summer of 2013 Jason and I decided to separate and divorce. It's been a very friendly and mutual divorce and we've both moved on and are co parenting the boys.

I am currently still in North Carolina, Lillington while the boys finish the school year out and as of right now unless plans change I am going to head back to Georgia to be around my family and rebuild my life. I am very excited about the future and what it holds for the boys and I.

I am going to try to keep up with my blog and get back to recipes and product updates as I test things for companies since I have seriously gotten away from it. I am still making cupcakes just not as much as I was in Belgium. There are just so many cake makers here in the states. None of them really offer what I do so that's a glimmer of hope ;)

If you have any recipes you would like please let me know. If you have a cupcake recipe you would love to see I can create them from scratch or using doctored up cake mixes to make it easier on the baker just specify what you want.


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